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Fishing Charter FAQ's

What happens if I need to cancel (Cancellation Policy) ?


Cancellation Policy

Please give us 24 hours notice for a cancellation so we have time to re book it. Cancellation within 24 hours may result in a charge and will depend on the ability to re book the vessel. No shows and no explanations on top peak days and holidays (for example - July 4) will result in a full charge to the credit card given at the time of the booking.


What do I need to bring ?

ID Photo

What you should bring for your rental

• Cooler box full of what you like eat and drink !!
• Cell Phone
• Credit Card/money
• Photo ID
• Sun Screen, Sunglasses.....it's hot out there !!!
• Camera (Waterproof!!)
Last but not least .....A big smile and sunny disposition..you ARE going to have a great day !!!

What happens if the weather turns bad ?


Weather Conditions

Florida weather, like all weather can be unpredicatable, so we can never guarantee what it will be like during the time of your charter.
If you feel the weather will not work out for you we will try to reschedule you, based on availability.
If the weather suddenly changes when you are on the water, we will return you to the safety of the dock until the danger passes


Do you allow dogs on the boats ?

Blue Crab Dog


Of course we allow dogs but please be aware as much as we love dogs, you the customer, are responsible for any damage that they may cause to the boat and we hold no responsiblity as to the animals ability to swim or be controlled once on the watercraft.
Cats ????
I have yet to see a cat that stays anywhere near sensible near water!! So probably best not try!


Life jackets when are they required?


Life Jacket Rules

If you can not swim we recommend you wear one !

Any child under the age of six (6) must wear a U.S.C.G. approved flotation device (PFD) while onboard a vessel under 26 feet in length while the vessel is underway. "Underway" is defined as anytime except when the vessel is anchored, moored, made fast to the shore, or aground. Each person operating, riding on, or being towed behind a personal watercraft must wear a U.S.C.G approved personal flotation device (PFD). Inflatable personal flotation devices are prohibited for personal watercraft use. Each person operating or riding a kayak must wear a U.S.C.G approved personal flotation device (PFD)
Canines?? - if they lack the necessary skills for the simple "doggie paddle" then we recommend they wear one too !!


What is Crab Island all about ?


Crab Island

Crab Island is a shallow part of the Bay just beyond the Westside of the Destin Bridge. It takes you only 10 mins to get there by our pontoons.
As many as 200 boats can end up being moored out there! So you can imagine the fun that can be had hanging out & socializing on Crab Island
This is where everyone will spend the day on the water. Crab Island depth can range from 2 to 10 feet deep, depending on where you anchor.
We recommend getting there early if you want to be in the thick of things!!
During the season vendors on tiny boats sell everything from pizza, ice cream, boiled peanuts to steamed shrimp. There is also a restaurant/snack barge selling hamburgers and fast food.
For the kids there are huge inflatables...Water trampoline, Slides and other forms of fun! Sometimes, there is a party barge out there with live bands to add to the atmosphere.
So what more could you ask for in a Sun packed, fun packed day !!!!!


Where can I park ?

Car Park


Ample Car parking is available in the Marina Cafe Car Park right above where Blue Crab Fishing Charters berth Boise.